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Rules & Agreements

All interested parties, members, investors and guests shall read and comprehend all that is written on this page. What is written here shall be guidelines to the smooth operation of yours and our management. Familiarize yourselves with our terms and conditions and reap the rewards without any hassle to your account.
Our team is very understanding and cooperative when it comes to the benefit of our investors. We, as a company will only work on the advantages of our investors, nothing else.
We reserve the rights to reject membership and deposits from people we deem as damaging or only piggy backing on our system. We will not hesitate to refund these people once we identify them and brand them as such. No complaints shall be submitted once the refunds have been given. Returned deposits and deleted accounts mean that there will be nothing linking our company to yours or you as an individual.
Regarding Bitcoin deposits, please be advised that these are not instantly added to your account. Each Bitcoin deposit will need at least 2 to 4 network confirmations before they are added automatically to your account once a deposit has been made and the transfer to our generated Bitcoin address has been rendered. We have a Bitcoin rate depend on for our outgoing and incoming transactions via Bitcoin. This ensures that you are getting what you pay for fair and square without inflation and deflation as you are depositing in Bitcoin value and will get paid in Bitcoin value as well and not the dollar value. We are just using the dollar value for our system to properly computer your earnings.
Because we do not forbid registration of multiple accounts from a single IP address, we do not have sanctions in place for those who take advantage of this rule. We do however, apply the previous paragraph when needed and when we feel necessary. Rejection of account and refunding the deposits made shall end the relationship between you as an investor and us as the company. No negotiations shall be done in case we see valid reasons to do so.
Monitors and referral commissions are the responsibility of the monitors and not us. We pay listing fees for this purpose and shall be the responsibility of the monitors to pay RCB to those who sign up under them. Make sure that you have signed up with a permanent upline or referrer upon registration to ensure validity of your RCB on the monitors. Please read the rules of the monitors you sign up under with as their rules differ from monitor to monitor.
We are an open company and we welcome all ideas to further enhance convenience and profit that we provide to our investors. Feel free to contact us whenever you need to ask anything. Our live chat representatives are there to provide only the best support for you.
Thank you for reading.